Remove Acne Scars and Acne Scar Treatment – Aesthetic Doctor or Beautician

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Remove Acne Scars & Acne Scar Treatment – Should You Choose an Aesthetic Doctor or Beautician?

Facials are often something that we do without much thought. Some of us get a facial done while we’re out running errands and while it might seem like a mindless splurge, we must stop and think about the person who will be touching our faces. This is important as if any mistakes are made by poorly trained or inexperienced skin care practitioners may cause permanent damage or scarring to our skin. This is the very reason we must understand the difference between a beautician and aesthetic doctor, and the difference between the time for a spa day and the time to go to a cosmetic doctor. If you want to remove acne scars or seek reliable acne scar treatment in Singapore, it is even more important to recognize the difference between the two.

remove acne scars, acne scar treatment singapore

The first, most obvious difference between a beautician and an aesthetic doctor is their qualification. Dermatology is the study and diagnosis of skin-related diseases. To remove acne scars well, the practitioner must understand the anatomy of the skin VERY well. Aesthetic doctors attend both college and medical school as well as a residency. This means they have a minimum of 12 years worth of advanced education and medical training.

A medical degree in dermatology is a very competitive and lengthy process with high undergraduate and medical school fees. Despite all these factors, many find satisfaction and happiness in the challenges this line of work presents. On the other hand, beauticians take up courses that last between 1 and 2 years, with the courses focusing on facials, skincare and noninvasive procedures. This is not a knock on a beautician’s ability to handle acne scar treatment in Singapore, but surely qualifications go a long way in making sure a professional knows how to best remove acne scars in a safe and reliable manner.

Beauticians are usually found in salons and spas, or working under dermatologists in a medical setting while aesthetic doctors can be found in medical centres or their own private practice (aesthetic clinics)

Aesthetic Doctor for Acne Scar Treatment in Singapore?

remove acne scars, acne scar treatment singapore

  1. Credentials and knowledge
    Due to their lengthy education background, one can be certain that their aesthetic doctor is very knowledgeable about the human anatomy and skin science than anyone else.  hey KNOW how to remove acne scars medically. The many hours they’ve spent in this field have made them experts. Their clinical experience in acne scar treatment in Singapore also explains why they are rising in popularity.
  2. The legal procedures
    Their legal certification immediately trumps any shady advice on a website or personal blog. Their certification is an accountability that is managed by the government. As we’re well aware, Singapore’s regulatory laws are very stringent and practising aesthetic doctors have to be extra careful in their medical practice to ensure they stay within boundaries.
  3. Professional and powerful care
    An experienced aesthetic doctor would be able to diagnose a situation quickly and prescribe a solution almost as quickly. This again, ties into their clinical experience in handling acne scar treatment in Singapore.

Beauty Salons to Remove Acne Scars?

remove acne scars, acne scar treatment singapore

  • Relatively cheaper: Since aesthetic salons are considered more of “beauty spas” than actual medical practices, they are not as tightly regulated. This can often result in many cheaper treatments since they do not go through very stringent checks by Ministry of Health.
  • A wide range of available treatments: Beauty spas often have a wide range of available treatment programs that you can choose from. Most are very comfortable and relaxing, though results might be less measurable.
  • Widely Accessible: To date, most beauty spas are conveniently located in Heartland Malls and very easily accessible. You can probably find one just around the corner wherever you are if you are in the mood for a short facial.

Who should i pick for effective acne scar treatment in Singapore?

remove acne scars, acne scar treatment singapore

Both have their own merits but it’s definitely wiser to see an aesthetic doctor if you really want to remove acne scars since these professionals are more equipped pharmaceutically to deal with it. Similarly, acne scar treatment in Singapore require expertise and long years of clinical experience so going to a professional aesthetic clinic or is surely more reliable. Although Korea might be widely recognized as THE place to visit for elite aesthetic procedures, Singapore’s reputation is also high on the rafters. Our acne scar treatment standards in Singapore are pretty well known across the region, with doctors like Dr Ong from Illumia Medical among the common names associated with raising acne scar reduction standards to higher levels.

Beauty Spas are a nice retreat and can be valuable as a cheaper alternative for many less technical procedures like facials and body scrubs but if you really want to remove acne scars effectively, go to an aesthetic doctor.