Best Facial for Acne: Acne Facial VS Normal Facial

acne facial vs normal facial

A survey conducted in Singapore revealed that acne and acne scars are among the top skin concerns in 2019. But with the proper management and treatment, acne scars can be prevented by first tackling acne problems. Facials are one way to keep the skin clean and well maintained, but not all facials address acne or acne scars. Knowing the difference between acne facial vs normal facial can help to ensure that you receive the right facial to efficiently tackle your skin concerns.

What makes an acne facial different?

benefits of acne facial

Effective and affordable facials and facial massages can help to promote healthy skin by improving blood circulation using certain pressure points on the face.

Acne facials are specially designed to treat acne-prone or oily skin, and using specialized techniques, appropriate acne facials can help to reduce inflammation, pus, infection in the skin and importantly prevents future breakouts.

Techniques like exfoliation, masking, and laser therapy are used in both acne facials and normal facials. But the way these techniques are performed differ in each facial type. Additionally, anti-acne ingredients such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid are typically used in acne facials.

What skin conditions do acne facials target?

common areas of acne face body neck

Acne facials are suitable for all skin types, but are more focused on oily, dry, and combination skin as these are the most prone to inflammation and acne. Like most facials, acne facial treatments cover affected areas over the face, neck, and back.

As standalone treatments, acne facials can provide relief and manage mild to moderate acne severity.

grades of acne severity

If you suffer from moderate to severe acne, acne facial treatments are best combined with medical acne treatment plans to tackle your skin concerns. In such cases, a dermatologist or aesthetic doctor are best suited for the treatment of severe acne conditions.

What to expect during the acne facial treatment

An acne facial comprises a series of steps to assess your skin condition and matching your skin type and severity of acne with available and appropriate techniques.

As with all facials, the skin will first be thoroughly cleansed to rid the dirt and oil build-up on the skin’s surface. Facial steaming is also a popular facial technique to tackle clogged pores and stimulate the blood vessels in the skin. Together, this prepares the skin to receive acne-fighting ingredients used in the facial masks or products that comes after.

acne facial exfoliation

Some acne facial treatments may also involve exfoliation and extraction. These two facial techniques are excellent in sloughing off dead skin cells that remain on the skin and clearing pores and blackheads. However, these techniques may not be well suited for all skin types and acne conditions. When used incorrectly or without the proper care, this can aggravate acne and worsen it.

Acne facials can also include LED light therapy. Different wavelengths of visible light provide different benefits, and the common ones are blue and red light therapies. Blue light has been shown to reduce bacterial growth on the skin to prevent acne, and red light helps to speed up the skin’s healing process.

acne facial masks

To calm the skin, facial masks are used to provide essential nutrients that can help to hydrate, brighten, or firm the skin. There are various kinds of facial masks with different properties, such as acne-clearing sulfur masks, hydrating clay masks, and soothing gel masks.

The acne facial is then topped off with a moisturizer and sunscreen that are specially formulated for acne-prone and oily skin. This protects your skin from harmful UV rays and allows you to get back to your daily routine after the facial.

Is there any downtime?

Acne facials come with zero downtime, and the treatment can range from 30 to 60 minutes or longer, depending on your preference. Many people have noticed that their skin is brighter, cleaner, and more radiant after their sessions!

How is the aftercare for the acne facial like?

For minor to mild acne problems, simple skincare tips like using mild soaps, oil-free lotions and sunscreens are recommended to balance the skin’s pH levels, thus minimizing inflammation.

For severe acne conditions, your dermatologist or aesthetic doctor may prescribe special medication or ointments to maintain your skin’s health.

acne facial aftercare

Regular facial aftercare is also recommended to prolong the benefits of an acne facial. This can include refraining from physical activities or harsh skin treatments for 24 hours.

Acne facial VS Normal facials: Overview


Normal Facials

Acne Facials

Suitable for

All skin types

All skin types, but mainly acne-prone or oily skin


A range of benefits including promoting hydrating, anti-ageing, revitalizing, and brightening properties

Focused on reducing skin problems that result in skin inflammation and acne, such as controlling sebum production, balancing skin’s pH level, and minimizing redness

Cost per session

$30 to $300

$50 – $450

When should I go for an acne facial?

Most aesthetic and medical spas and clinics offer in Singapore acne facials, but the best place to go for significant results are clinics that have a proven track record in acne treatments. The experience and qualification of the therapists or aesthetic doctor in the clinic also play a crucial factor in the cost of the overall treatment plan.

Where conventional acne remedies have become ineffective in treating your acne condition, consider going for an acne facial once a month to control your breakouts. Acne facials are a therapeutic and cost-effective way to deal with hormonal or mild acne and zits, and can be combined with medical acne treatment plans for cystic or severe acne.

However, it is recommended that you consult with a skin expert or dermatologist before going for any type of skin treatment. The wrong technique or ingredient can send your skin flaring up and may take your skin longer to heal.

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