2021 Ultimate Guide To Various Acne Treatments in Singapore

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Acne can affect anyone irrespective of their age, sex, and race, and almost everyone would be affected at some point in their lifetime. This cosmetic worry has people seeking out the most effective acne treatments Singapore has.

Acne has been called different names over the years. People have referred to it as spots, facial rash, pimples, blackheads, and so on. It predominantly affects teenagers and young adults less than 25 years old.

Understanding Acne

It is a disease of the skin, particularly of the sebaceous follicles, and it presents in a variety of ways in different individuals. It primarily affects the face, neck, upper trunks, and upper arms. On the face, it occurs most often on the cheeks.

To effectively treat acne, one must understand the causes behind its eruption. Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease, and the severity can vary, and at such it may present as:

  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Cysts
  • Comedones
  • Nodules
  • Scars

types of acne

Different acne treatments in Singapore aim at managing different types of acne.

Common types and causes of acne

Comedones are the primary lesion of acne, and certain conditions trigger the acne outbreak. These conditions include:

acne formation

  • Increased sebum production (Much greater with people who have oily skin).
  • Presence of bacteria (The major bacteria implicated is propionylbacteria).
  • Blackheads and whiteheads

These conditions have been associated with the increase in sex hormones that occurs around puberty. Thus, your genetics, to a great extent, affects your sex hormonal levels.

Other factors that have been shown to contribute to the development of acne include a stressful lifestyle, certain foods like dairy products, sweetened beverages, groundnuts, etc.

In addition, you might be using the wrong skincare products. Poor quality products are common causes of acne. Acne is a common side effect of many medications too, although these side effects are usually temporary.

acne skin

The complications of acne are mostly cosmetic, but they can damage the skin on your face permanently. Poorly treated acne lead to different types of scars such as box, keloidal, rolling, and icepick scars.

Do visit your dermatologist to find out other plausible factors that could be causing your acne.

How acne treatments in Singapore work

acne laser singapore treatments

The principle of acne treatment involves:

  • Lifestyle modifications (where necessary)
  • Medical or pharmacological treatment (skincare products, chemical peels, antibiotics)
  • Aesthetic or surgical treatment (light/laser therapy, skin grafting)

Lifestyle modifications

Treatment of acne begins with developing good daily habits. Acne treatments Singapore would be ineffective if there are no adjustments in your lifestyle. You must get adequate sleep, eat a balanced diet, wash your face more often, and achieve optimum hydration.

Medical treatments

The aim of the skincare products here is to reduce the sebum production, reduce the colonies of propionylbacteria on the skin surface, and open up clogged pores.

For mild cases of acne, use of a mild topical antibiotic like benzoyl peroxide, an over-the-counter drug would do.

If this does not work, topical vitamin A (Retinoic acid) skin products may work better. Topical antibiotics like topical erythromycin or clindamycin are useful in dealing with the bacteria in particular.

acne treatments singapore retinol

For the extremely severe cases, oral erythromycin and oral retinoic acids (Tazarotene) are the last resort, but this does not come without its undesired side effects. Oral vitamin A derivatives are highly teratogenic.

Chemical peels provide a stronger action by exfoliating the skin at a greater depth. By removing the top layer of dead, unhealthy skin, it gives room for a renewed layer of skin to come out. Facewashes serve as adjuvant therapies, and effective ones contain glycolytic, salicylic, and lactic acids.

Surgical treatments

Laser treatments have become an increasingly adopted approach to acne scar removal.

The combination of long-pulsed laser and blue low-level laser light is usually the preferred option. This kind of treatment should only be done in a medical setting. It is useful when the skin is not inflamed, and it can help to improve the appearance of the skin. Consult your dermatologist on any treatment that you decide to go with.

More advanced surgical treatment options are radiofrequency micro-needling, subcision, or punch excision. However, they are not commonly used. Early management of acne yields better results, and it improves your appearance and self-esteem.

Other conditions

In some cases, acne might be associated with a medical condition. A popular example is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This occurs in females, and excess androgen levels cause it.

acne pcos

The acne treatment Singapore, in this case, is to treat the underlying medical condition. Features of PCOS include menstrual irregularity, excessive hair growth (hirsutism), overweight, occasional pelvic pain, infertility, and acne.

Price of Acne treatments in Singapore

Acne treatments Singapore prices depend on the type of treatment.

For example, mild cases requiring just an acne cream are usually below $50. Chemical peels usually cost higher than the topical creams, but you could still get many of them for less than a hundred bucks.

You would expect that surgical treatments are the most expensive. Acne treatments Singapore price for laser treatments cost as much as $500 to $1,000.

The decision to get acne treatments Singapore is a life-changing one. For many people, your face may be your selling point. As a model, actor/actress, TV personality, celebrity, etc, you cannot afford to let acne ruin your projects. Thus, it would always be the right decision to invest in your skincare.

Remember that people have different skin types and would not react to treatments in the same way. Those people whose skin contain more collagen often benefit more compared to those who do not have. Vitamin C promotes wound healing, as it is an antioxidant and helps to reduce inflammation.

Certain home remedies like steaming, aloe vera and cucumbers can help to improve your acne. Seek professional treatment for the more severe forms. Your doctor would assist you in determining the most effective treatment plan for you to take. If acne is left untreated, it will only get worse and chances of reversing the damage is slimmer.

Acne Solutions

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