Non Surgical FaceLift Singapore – HIFU & RF


High intensity focused ultrasound is a non surgical facelift treatment and is getting significant popularity in Singapore.

non surgical FaceLift hifu

There are many benefits of using HIFU treatment such as smoothening and tightening of the skin, enhancement of jawline definition, lifting the eyelids, eyebrows, cheeks, tightness of sagging skin around the neck, and reduction in wrinkles. The results of this treatment are highly promising, and elasticity of thighs, lower abdomen, and cheeks of many people has been greatly improved.

HIFU VS Traditional Facelift Surgeries

HIFU treatment is a non surgical facelift procedure, whereas a surgical procedure is performed by the surgeons to improve the appearance of the face by removing and adjusting the parts of muscle tissues around the neck and face. The surgical procedure is risky as face treatment with the knife puts the life at risk, and a longer time is required for healing. It may also cause some scars and medical complications and the results may not look natural.

hifu infographic

In this treatment, soundwaves are used that are of high frequency and human beings cannot hear them. In this treatment radio frequency, sound waves are also used that are having fewer frequencies.

 These soundwaves safely and easily penetrate the skin and boost up the production of collagen in different skin layers. Resultantly, there will be gradual effects of tightening and lifting in response to the stimulation.

This treatment is completely noninvasive and there is no need for any injectables and surgery. HIFU treatment causes the stimulation of natural skin processes and offers younger looks. It gives positive results in less time and many people have reported the best results after getting this treatment.










No Incisions

Mild swelling and redness

90-95% best results

Only 6 months



Require incision s

Bleeding, infection, pain, hair loss

Results are not very good, and lasts for only one year

11-12 years are required for recovery


The HIFU treatment is safe, as modern technology is being used for face-lifting procedures that boost up the natural collagen and helps to attain the desired results.

hifu before after

There is no need to go under any kind of surgery and very little time is required for healing. Additionally, the cost associated with the HIFU treatment is very less and an enhanced version of natural beauty is obtained. 


non surgical FaceLift


  • Many possible treatment areas including the neck, double chin, jawline, eye area, forehead and cheeks
  • Results last up to a year
  • Smoothens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boosts natural collagen production
  • Ultrasounds give skin a ‘massage’ so that it stays saturated with nutrients and oxygen.
  • Results in velvety smooth skin texture
  • Virtually no side effects
  • No risk of getting scars


  • Contraindicated for those with pacemakers and cardiovascular disorders, bleeding disorders, pregnancy, and oncological concerns, infectious diseases, abrasions, and scratches to the skin.
  • If the patient’s age is more than 50-55 years, results may be less significant



Another non surgical facelift treatment to consider is a Radiofrequency or RF Legacy Facelift.

non surgical FaceLift rf


  • Non invasive
  • No downtime
  • Gives naturally growing and radiating skin.
  • Less costly than a surgical facelift
  • The results are very promising
  • Less risk and complications


  • Less lasting results compared with a surgical facelift
  • May cause burns if power is too high

Who it is for?

This is an ideal treatment for people who wants to stop aging symptoms as it offers a good level of anti-aging modality along with selective control of skin-related concerns. Their treatment can be customized according to the kind of skin concerns and greatly ensures the skin tightening and regaining of beauty.

It gives hydration and moisturization of the skin and hence a very  popular treatment for those who want to look young and fresh.


How to Choose A Facelift Treatment

how to choose

There is a wide range of facial tightening and rejuvenation treatments and HIFU and RF have gained much more popular as they ensure beauty, anti-aging properties, and youthful skin. As there is great variation in the skin problems among different people so they should decide the selection of treatment according to the extent of the problem, and age factors.

The results of RF and HIFU are greatly dependent on the experience level and skills of the person performing this treatment. So, in order to ensure the efficiency and safety of treatment the clinic or medical aesthetics centre should be carefully selected. It is recommended to conduct good research on the internet and compare the packages and services according to the skin type.

The level of pain and efficiency of using different HIFU machines is also different, so before selecting a specific treatment, it will be good to know about these factors and decide that one can bear easily. The cost for HIFU is different in different regions of the world, but on average the cost associated with this treatment is about $1,200. Although costly, it is still significantly less than the cost of surgical procedures for face lifting. 

Although these processes are highly beneficial for turning the aging clock, they do not stop the aging process completely. It is essential to know that not all factors that aggravate our skin are  due to aging, some of them may be due to pollution, tension, anxiety, toxin releases, allergens, smoking and sun damage.