Pico Laser for Pigmentation: Essential Aftercare Tips

pico laser aftercare

Consider your pigmentation and acne scarring gone with picosecond lasers. The new and powerful addition to laser therapy, pico lasers can effectively manage almost all types of skin concerns. But if after a few sessions you find your skin issues recurring or not fading like they should, it could be because of your pico laser aftercare routine.

pico laser aftercare routine

Just like any other aesthetic treatment, a pico laser treatment for pigmentation can only be as effective as you make it to be. It is not enough that you have laser energy targeting your face to achieve clearer, flawless skin.

How does pico laser aftercare help?

pico laser pigmentation aftercare benefits

An aftercare routine as advised by your aesthetic doctor can go a long way in extending the therapeutic and healing effects of pico lasers. It also helps to minimize some side effects, which include slight redness in the treated areas.

Proper pico laser aftercare can vastly reduce the possibility of other potential side effects, which are rare but still do happen, as well. These include erythema, pinpoint bleeding, crusting, blistering, scarring, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and post-inflammatory hypopigmentation.

Though it happens rarely, long-term skin discoloration may also be seen.

Preparing for a pico-laser treatment

pico laser pigmentation process

Before a pico laser treatment, your aesthetic doctor will run through with you the protocols for the laser treatment as well as the do’s and don’ts following it. Not only is it important to maximize the effectiveness of pico lasers on your skin, as mentioned, it also significantly lowers the risk of post-treatment complications.

Prepare your skin for your pico laser treatment with the following tips:

  • Minimize sun exposure just prior to the treatment. Wear SPF 30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen regularly.
  • Remove all make-up.
  • Cleanse the target site.

8 important Pico-second laser aftercare tips

The aftercare routine is a key player of the treatment outcome as it regulates the final healing process of the skin tissues.

  • Apply soothing cream as prescribed by a dermatologist.

It calms down even the minimal inflammation, if any, and provides the much-needed hydration to the skin. It also protects your skin from dirt and germs.

  • Protect your skin from the Sun.
pico laser aftercare sunscreen

Harsh sun rays can easily damage the delicate post-laser treated skin. Use a good, chemical-free SPF 30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen for at least 3 days in your pico laser aftercare to prevent photodamage.

  • Say ‘no’ to makeup.

Post-treatment, the skin can become extremely sensitive. Applying cosmetics (even light BB or CC creams) which usually contain fragrances, chemicals and oils can cause irritation and block the open pores leading to complications. Only gentle organic moisturizers are advisable to maintain hydration.

  • Scrubs are dangerous.

Picosecond laser treatment makes the skin highly sensitive for the first few days. Touching, rubbing, or scrubbing can cause inflammation, irritation or even scarring. Allow the skin to heal naturally.

  • Light activity is OK.

Strenuous activities like swimming, gym exercises should be avoided for at least 24 hours after the treatment.

  • Stay hydrated.
pico laser aftercare hydration

Hydration promotes efficient healing process after a pico laser treatment, resulting in glowy, clearer and healthier skin.

  • Cleansing is a must.

Clean your skin regularly with cold water and a gentle oil-free non-soapy facewash to remove the dirt and germs accumulated.

  • Be vigilant.

Keep a lookout for any negative after-effects such as blistering, itching, or other post-treatment complications. If you are experiencing these effects, pain or bleeding, seek medical consultation immediately.

Where can I find pico laser treatment in Singapore?

You can schedule a consultation to see if you are a good candidate for a pico laser treatment with a reputable and certified aesthetic clinic in Singapore.

find pico laser treatment singapore

Through a complete skin assessment and noting your medical history, some aesthetic clinics can also customize your treatment plan according to your skin type, skin condition, and your unique needs to include picosecond lasers for maximum effectiveness.

Although treatable, people still struggle with pigmentation, age spots or acne scars because their aftercare routine is neglected.

By understanding your skincare journey as a whole – including the pre-treatment and aftercare routines – you can help your skin in its recovery process and enhance the results and maximize the costs of your laser treatments with better efficiency.