Does the sun worsen acne?

Sunbathing effects on acne

Does sunbathing worsen your acne?

If you are like most people, you consider that sunbathing will save you from acne. Unfortunately, this is a myth. Acne actually can become worse after a day in the sun but people can’t spot it because it takes time to develop. If you know in deep how acne is formed, then you shouldn’t believe that sun exposure can help. Acne is usually a combination of several unpleasant factors, like cloaking pores with sebum and bacteria. Usually, hair follicles have a big part, too. So when someone lies under the sunlight for hours, his skin becomes drier. Unfortunately, our skin has the good habit to adapt, so she starts to produce more oil and sebum in a response to drying. That’s why it takes time for acne to develop after sunbathing but it will 100% will do it.

OK, but how harmful really is sun exposure?

Let’s explain it deeper. Sun will dry out your skin so your first impression will be that you are done with the acne. Your skin will get thirsty and will try to produce more sebum and to survive. Of course, this will trigger some inflammation process and can cause even pitting. So next time when you decide to go to the beach make sure you have enough high factor sun cream.

  • Aging and wrinkles

wrinklesLet’s talk about our favorite wrinkles. UV lights cause them easily. If you are lucky enough, you will acquire spots and marks, too. Free radicals change our skin structure and in general our look. More we lie under the lights of the sun more collagen is destroyed in our cells. As you may know, your wrinkled need collagen to stay tighten and without it they are visible. Elastic skin is more pleasant to touch, too. In addition, you may know that sunbathing can cause skin cancer.


  • Skin cancer

This is not the most fun topic to speak about but it is necessary for young people to know risks. Studies show that UV Lights are responsible for 80% of skin cancer patients. We mentioned that UV lights can change our skin and in fact, they can do it on DNA level. In result, our cells start to develop faster and cancer is a fact.

What you should know

Although most people ignore the recommendations and stay too many hours sunbathing, we will summarize the knowledge. If you think that your skin looks better after several hours on the beach, then just wait for 3, 4 days and you will notice the real damage. Sunbathing will not cause acne if your skin is not predisposed so this is the first good news. If you really want to go sunbathing, don’t forget to use sun lotion and to drink enough water. Sunbathing is actually the first level of burning your skin so think about it like it is harming, not healing.

Sunbathing can block your pores, too. Imagine that you were staying a whole week under the sun and eventually your skin starts to peel. Our bodies need time to free from the excessive cells so the process is not the fastest one. When the old skin cells fall, the new one can suffocate. The result will be clogged pores and new pimples. Think carefully how and if you should lie under sunlight for hours.

There are many different causes of acne and the correct treatment depends on your diagnosis. When in doubt, always seek out an aesthetic doctor first.