Don’t Let Acne Hurt Your Self-Esteem

acne low self esteem

Don’t Let Acne Hurt Your Self-Esteem

You might have avoided a mirror, camera or any kind of reflective surface at some point. The reason for this might have been acne that caused an awkward stage in life, especially in the teenage years where acne is recurring and many acne treatments fail to get rid of it once and for all. While many people might think acne issues are just superficial or beauty related, they are actually more than just skin deep. These issues can heavily affect one’s grip on their psychological being, cause emotional problems and contribute to a low self-esteem.

Self-esteem is how a person views his or her self, so a low self-esteem would be thinking negatively of one’s self. Commonly articulated forms of low self-esteem would be saying they are not good enough for something or not able to fit in with the people in their surroundings. Emotions are feelings or the mood that is presently being experienced. There is a wide range of emotions and moods that can be felt, from happiness to hate and sadness to love. Emotional problems are usually indications of negative feelings, such as feeling sad or depressed.

With that being explained, here comes the big question. Can acne truly be the cause of emotional issues and a low self-esteem? Acne is a vicious and severe skin disease that no one can avoid, regardless of factors like ethnicity or age. Acne can manifest in many forms, from whiteheads to pimples to blackheads, and can appear almost anywhere there are pores; on the face, shoulders, back and neck.

acne hurts self esteemThe severity of acne can range and people have the tendency to react badly to its’ typically sudden appearance. People who suffer from acne have the tendency to feel ‘ugly’ as they compare themselves to others who do not suffer from the skin disease. This comparison is an indication of a low self-esteem because they have established a standard in their minds and have placed themselves below said standard, thinking they are not as beautiful. Many sufferers of acne tend to shy from social gatherings, due to their mindset that people would be judging them. This mindset can cause a high-level sadness, stress, low self-esteem and a wounded self-image.

While acne can attack anyone, it is usually the teenagers who are affected by the trauma that acne causes. This is because the teenage years are the beginning of our prime; the time we come into our own, start becoming our own person and perhaps begin exploring the idea of a relationship. However, these are also the years that puberty hit, hormones begin to rage and acne starts to target us. This attack can be the root of emotional issues for people beyond their teens as well.

The first step to overcoming these emotional issues is acceptance. Accepting who they are as a person, believing in their self-worth and abilities, and trusting that they can get better. There will always be a difficult period in life, and while people may call acne ‘ugly’, you should not let this word get you down. While harmful things may come your way, these should not discourage you. Instead, let it act as motivation to feel better about yourself and get a more positive attitude. Let it fuel your journey to getting clear skin; with some patience and the right treatments.

Effective severe acne treatments

  1. Stay aware of what works and what doesn’t work for your face
    It is important to keep track of the products that show results for you, and the products that cause irritation.

acne treatments

  1. Bacteria
    When bacteria come in contact with your skin, it has the potential to cause more damage. To prevent this from happening, make sure your hair does not touch your face or that you do not touch your face without washing your face first.
  1. Nutrition and lifestyle
    Everyone knows that ones’ diet has an impact on them. In place of junk food, fruits and veggies should be consumed. These foods have a high nutritional value and help the body get rid of toxins that when accumulated, can cause constipation. If you smoke, it is best to quit as it will improve the quality of your skin. Consuming less coffee will help as well.

acne diet

  1. A regular sleep pattern
    When you sleep, your skin takes the time to repair itself. With enough rest, your dark circles and wrinkles will go away. On the other hand, if you constantly sleep late or do not get enough sleep, oily skin may occur and lead to acne problems.
  1. Over the counter products
    These products are often used to combat severe acne. These products include sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, resorcinol, and a mixture of acetone and alcohol. It is good to use these products after washing your face with a mild facial cleanser. Lastly, using a moisturizer will introduce just the right amount of moisture to the skin. However, there is the chance of these products making the skin dry or flaky.
  1. Acne surgery
    This is often turned to as a last resort for severe acne and must be performed by a certified dermatologist. The length of treatment depends on the how much damage needs to be dealt with. Nearly all cases can be treated, but to prevent the acne from returning, do not touch your face or pick at the pimples.
  1. Laser therapy
    This is an expensive form of treatment that requires financial planning and a lot of mental preparation.

While acne might be frightening especially when it goes out of control, do not let it rule your life. There are ways to combat it so fret not. Before trying the acne treatments we mentioned above out, we highly recommend consulting with an aesthetic doctor who specialises in acne.