How Acne Facials Work for Teen Acne

acne facials teen acne

Upon reaching puberty, many teenagers experience sudden and unpredictable acne breakouts, which in some cases, can last for extended periods of time. Acne facials for teen acne can come as the first line of defense against the self-esteem issues surrounding hormonal acne.

Acne facials were specifically designed to reduce the frequency and severity of future breakouts by removing the clogged pores and exfoliating the skin. The exfoliation techniques play a key role when dealing with teen acne, as it effectively sheds the dead skin cells and other impurities in the skin.

Although acne facials have been hailed for their ability to regulate and maintain the skin’s optimal pH levels and to control adult acne breakouts, the situation may be different in the case of teen acne.

In this article, we are going to find out if acne facials are effective or suitable for teens facing acne.

What causes teen acne?

young women teen acne

Teen acne, otherwise known as hormonal acne, is very common amongst teenagers. Statistically, around 80% of teens in Singapore experience some level of hormonal acne outbreaks, with the severity of the situation ranging from mild to severe.

As the name suggests, hormonal acne is primarily caused by the hormonal fluctuations brought about by puberty. An increase in the production of the hormone testosterone during puberty causes sebum production to rise. Sebum is an oil naturally secreted by the body to lubricate and protect the skin, and an overproduction can create a greasy appearance.

For young women, the menstrual cycle brings a variety of hormonal changes, which have been linked to triggering acne outbreaks. Other related causes include the way the body’s immune system responds to bacteria, which can result in inflammation.

skincare in teen acne

These outbreaks can be controlled with appropriate skincare habits and products, in combination with an adequate diet and exercise. However, in more severe cases, advanced treatment may be required.

Acne facials act as a form of monthly maintenance routine for the skin, and they can effectively help against future outbreaks. They are not the same as your regular facials!

Do acne facials work for teen acne?

acne facial hormonal acne

Acne facials are uniquely designed to address the issues causing acne outbreaks. These treatments include special facial techniques meant to cater to inflamed, acne-prone skin, providing it with the gentle care and thorough cleansing.

The benefits of acne facials over regular facial treatments stand in their effectiveness in reducing the sebum production to the ideal levels, paired with their ability to properly balance the skin’s pH, creating an optimal environment for less pimple outbreaks.

As a result, the redness caused by inflammation also fades away as the facial treatment calms and soothes the affected skin.

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As a monthly routine, the cost of acne facials is also affordable. Ranging from $50 to $450 at a time, managing teen acne with acne facials is a good investment to ensure soft, spotless skin for your child.

Bear in mind that just like with any acne treatment, time and consistency are required in order to experience the full benefits. Proper skincare includes both treatment and maintenance in order to keep the results continuous and long-lasting.

When do breakouts become severe?

Although most cases of teen acne are either mild or moderate, roughly 10% can advance into severe types of acne. It is important to keep an eye out for the early signs of severe acne as the issue can rapidly advance if left untreated.

Big clusters

severe acne in teens

The first signs include the appearance of big breakout clusters, mainly around the forehead, cheeks and chin area. Individuals who experience such breakouts have reported that the rather unpleasant sight of these clusters is a massive cause of self-esteem related problems.

Recurring acne

The second sign to be looking out for surrounds the persistent nature of these breakout clusters. Occasionally experiencing bigger breakouts is quite normal in most cases, with the clusters lasting for a couple of days. Suspicions should be raised when these big breakout clusters appear regularly and persistently. If the clusters do not seem to fade after 2 or 3 days (or a week for nodular or cystic acne), it could be an early sign of aggravating severity.

Painful to touch

Lastly, watch out for unregularly painful acne. While most pimples are discomforting to the touch, usually the sensation is rather one of increased sensitivity, not of pain. If you begin experiencing mild pain around the acne-prone area, a consultation with a dermatologist is advised.

If you happen to experience one or more of these signs, schedule a consultation with a dermatologist immediately.  Severe acne breakouts often times require clinical treatment and care. Your dermatologist will take the adequate measures to treat and control the current condition, and most patients can maintain the results with the use of acne facials afterwards.

What to do after an acne facial

Getting an acne facial on a monthly basis can effectively keep most cases of acne breakouts under control, including hormonal acne. The facials themselves do not just promote aesthetic care, but they are also relaxing and spa-like. Teens can get the full benefits of keeping acne under control, whilst enjoying the process with one treatment per month.

what not to do after acne facial

Additionally, it’s important to remind your teen to keep his or her hands away from their faces. Germs are almost always spread to the face by unnecessary touching, and this can worsen the acne.  

If your teen is experiencing persistent and recurring acne, especially in the severe and painful cases, it would be advisable to seek professional help from a dermatologist. A personally curated acne treatment plan will be able to manage your skin condition and acne breakouts, at least until the severity of the condition allows for milder, non-clinical treatment.

There may be many treatments for adult acne in Singapore, but aesthetic and on-the-surface treatments like acne facials are deemed safe for teenagers with hormonal acne.

If you are unsure about bringing your teen to a facial spa, see a reputable dermatologist first in our list of recommended aesthetic doctors in Singapore for acne.